Thursday, October 24, 2013

Changes and Endings

Hello all,
It's with some regret that I post this. Due to some changes in my personal life, I won't be posting here anymore. I wish everyone out there that wishes to embrace the chastity lifestyle the best. I'll leave the blog up for a while, to answer any questions anyone may have about chastity etc.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm Your Venus...

For the last couple of weeks, I've had a wonderful time with my Keyholder. We've gone to nice dinners, spent time with friends, watched some of our favorite shows, and done generally vanilla-ish things. Only, I've been wearing the CB-6000s the whole time. Oh, she would tease me – tease me without mercy sometimes. I'd pleasure her, I'd grind my erection into her leg and suckle while she came and came, only to be left wanting at the end of the night. All in all, great fun.

And then, this morning she surprised me. My breakfast? A caning. I tried to bear it well, but I'm out of practice and it was hard to stay still. Then she had me lay down on the bed, where she proceeded to tie my limbs to each post. Spread-eagled and helpless. She teased me a bit (I was out of the cage), then whipped me with a little "rat-tail" whip. Even though it objectively hurt much less than the caning, the feeling of being spread-eagled and exposed, vulnerable, with my gentlemen's bits out for sport, was nothing short of terrifying. More-so when she blindfolded me. I tried to not wince or squirm or plead, to no avail. I kept thinking how scary it was, and this despite the fact that I trust my Keyholder with my life. At last, she tired of this, and started on her true intentions: to milk me dry.

My Keyholder hooked me up the Venus-2000. For the curious, this is a vacuum powered suction device that does a convincing job of, well, sucking. One can adjust the stroke and the power of the suction. It is quite awesome, and, I was about to find out, maddening. To my surprise, my Keyholder allowed me orgasm. The first one came quickly, and, after the month-plus buildup I'd had, it was more relieving than pleasurable. Normally, this is where one would call it a night (or morning, in this case). But no, my Keyholder left the machine on. And on. And on. Sucking. Relentlessly sucking, keeping me hard, stroking the hyper-sensitive flesh over and over. I wanted to come again, was desperate for another orgasm, but my body betrayed me. So it went for I don't know how long. Half an hour? I had not concept of time in my maddened state. I begged her to turn it off, and she promised she would, after I came again. The machine was relentless. I've had this fantasy of being hooked up to a milking machine, and here it was, for real, and it was much different than I imagined. Pleasure and discomfort, writhed around each other.

After untold time, I felt the pangs of another orgasm rising. My Keyholder cupped my balls, all while the machine kept up its robotic pumping up and down, sucking in and out. I was an unthinking beast, and then the orgasm exploded in me. I wailed and wailed without control, moaning, thrusting, being drained of my seed. I've never made noises like that. It felt like what I imagine a woman's orgasm must feel like – just endless until the pleasure just overloads and yet it keeps coming. Awesome.

True to her word, she mercifully stopped the device, and I got dressed and went back into my cage for at least another month. I can't help but thinking what it would be like to go another round with the Venus...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Teased and Pleased

My Keyholder let me out of the cage today, as she wanted to feel me. The feel of her was exquisite, and it took all of my concentration to not "have an accident." Of course, despite my pathetic groveling, she wasn't about to let me come. She did tease me most expertly, playing with my nipples, grabbing my balls, etc. Then, she had me please her, licking her, suckling and, when I was of not further use due to my "hair-trigger" brought on by weeks of chastity, she had me suckle her while she pleased herself through a couple of orgasms. She's "threatened" to hook me up to the milking machine if I am extra attentive....

Friday, October 4, 2013

Temptation: What would you do?

I had a wonderful night out with my Keyholder. We went out with another couple, had some beers and wine, some good food (and some not-so-good food), and generally had a good, normal date. On the way home, my Keyholder had me pull over. She took the key to my lock that she keeps around her necklace and had me pull my pants down in the parking lot. She unlocked me, and took off the CB-6000s (well, the cage part, anyway). She was going to tease me, I knew. And her touch felt great. I'd forgotten how great. As she stroked my cock to attention, she told me how much longer she was going to keep me in – another month, at least. My heart both fell and swelled at the prospect. I've been out of my mind lately with desire, but I've also been able to channel those feelings into good servitude, so it's good and bad. When she'd tired of teasing me, she told me to shrink up. Easier said than done. She "helped" me along by swatting my engorged balls. Ouch. At last, I was able to fit the cage back on, and the lock clicked into place.

I drove her home and we kissed goodnight. When I got back to my place, I settled in and messaged her to let her know I arrived, when I felt something in my pants. I looked, and the lock had come apart! The facing plate had snapped off and all that was holding me in was a thin sliver of freed metal. Now, what would you do? Here you are, about to have another month of chastity, and you are suddenly free! Would you take advantage?

Well, I wrote her straight away and told her what had occurred, then I locked on one of the temporary plastic numbered locks we keep here. I sent her a picture of the number, and assured her that her property was safe and locked, ready for another month of frustration. Now, talk to me in two weeks and ask me if I'd do the same thing!
Meh, I probably would...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fantasy Vs. Reality

My Keyholder told me to be there at 10:30 sharp. I was a little early, but knocked on the door anyway. She opened the door and let me inside. "Strip, now, slut!" she ordered. I promptly did. "I want you to clean my whole house, top to bottom, and heaven help you if you do a poor job," she told me. I gulped, and started. I scrubbed toilets, sinks, countertops. She thought it was too easy, so she clamped nipple clamps on me; they swung back and forth, making my nipples get more and more tender with each movement. I scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees with a toothbrush. My Keyholder stood over me, inspecting, flicking me with the tail of a short whip to amuse herself and urge me along while she laughed. She stood imperiously over me in her latex bodysuit, grinding her heels into my back. After a few hours of this, she had me fix her lunch. I cooked up a tolerably good stew while I cleaned. She ate it, then fed me her leftovers from a dish on the floor. While I ate, she forced my head down into the food and laughed gleefully at my messy face. Then she had me clean up, and I licked her feet for the next five hours.

That's how it usually goes in fantasy, in the femdom novels. The reality of it was this: I arrived promptly at 10:30, as ordered. I hugged my Keyholder when I came in. I hadn't seen her in a few days, and, now that I'm caged again, even looking at her beautiful face swelled my heart (and my cock, I must be honest here). I kissed her feet. She relaxed on the couch, and I set about cleaning the house, doing yardwork, and some light maintenance (I have become quite the plumber). While I cleaned (fully clothed, mind you), we chatted a bit. I did actually clean the floor on my hands and knees, and with a toothbrush (for the grout). Every tile I cleaned I knew would be somewhere pleasant for her sole to step on. After I was done, I washed up. My Keyholder took me out to a late lunch, then rewarded me with a couple of beers at a local brewery. I got my submissive itch scratched, my Keyholder has a clean house to enjoy, and I already miss her greatly. All in all, a wonderful day.

The point is that femdom doesn't have to be all whip-wielding mistresses yelling at you. There's a time and place for that, maybe, sometimes. But 95% of the time, it is just normal times at home, with the woman quietly exercising her power. Would I have been happier being degraded and punished? Not necessarily (though that can be fun, on occasion). Was I happy to do a good job for her, and enjoy a nice time out? Certainly. Thank you, my Keyholder, for using your boy, and treating me so well.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Submissiveness Arising

It's been four days since my Keyholder locked me back in the CB-6000s, four days since I've seen her, four days since I've felt her touch. After being out of the cage (but  still chaste) for so long before, it's taking some getting used to. Mostly, it's the near-constant sexual almost-arousal that the cage provides. Like her hand is circling my (her) privates... gripping, holding, controlling. I find myself constantly thinking of submitting, wishing my Keyholder would use me for her comfort and pleasure, wishing that she would exert her dominance over me. At least tomorrow I get to perform chores for her. I'm a little under the weather today, but truly hoping I'll be rearing to go tomorrow...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Back in the Cage

Things have been rather slow from a chastity / bdsm perspective over here. Much real life getting in the way, lots of travel, work and social obligations. The last couple of days I finally got to spend some time with my Keyholder after a long absence. It was great to see her again, great to cuddle. She allowed me to pleasure her, and I did. I really thought she was going to give me release – it had been over two weeks since my last one, after all. But no, she took her orgasm(s) and left me wanting. Then, she did the same thing the next night, and proceeded to lock me up back in the CB-6000s. So, now I'm away again, but locked in, frustrated, and wishing she were here. I will get to see her later on this week for some chores she wants me to do. I can't wait...